What is PVC?

PVC is your modern, hyperconverged virtual machine manager. Built from well-known and well-trusted free-and-open-source components, PVC enables administrators to build highly-redundant and scalable small clusters, without the hassle or cost of other solutions.

PVC provides an easy-to-use, redundant, scalable, self-healing and self-managing solution to ensure your VMs run no matter what happens to the hardware underneath.

Key Features

Easy-to-use: PVC lets you manage your cluster and then gets out of your way. The unobtrusive, self-documenting command-line interface is easy for administrators to learn and use, while abstracting powerful functionality in the background.

Full VM lifecycle management: PVC manages your full VM lifecycle, from provisioning to day-to-day management.

Live migration: PVC features VM live-migration between nodes and node readiness control. Seamlessly move VMs across the cluster almost instantly for maintenance.

Redundant: PVC provides robust, ground-up node-level redundancy. All components are designed to ensure your cluster will continue to function even with a downed node.

Robust storage: PVC includes shared storage with the Ceph distributed storage system. This helps ensure your data is safe on all nodes at all times.

Self-managing and self-healing: PVC features auto-recovery funtionality including fencing and automatic VM recovery, should a node fail. Your VMs will be down for mere minutes, and recovered without human intervention.

Advanced networking: PVC implements multiple guest networking options, including managed, unmanaged, and isolated VM networks. Keep your VMs talking exactly how you want them to.